Data is King

And evidently I’m the king of data, at least where I work. Running so many reports has given me a new respect for statisticians and serious analysts as there’s just so much to think about if you want good data for anything more than the most basic report. Do you include X or Y or exclude them? If you run the numbers without them, is it truly representative of the reality you”re trying to report on. Which changes in data are significant and which are just the noise of normal variations? When should I take immediate action based on what I see and when should I sit back and watch for awhile? These are all important considerations and require a fair amount of cognitive energy. Report writing can be both a fascinating and exhausting process. Time for another cup of coffee so I can get back to it!

Back to WordPress

OK, so it’s probably ironic that I just got certified in web design (CIW Web Design Specialist) and just moved my blog back to WordPress, but there is a reason. I just have too much to do to hand code a robust content management system with all my other projects at the moment. The site I just took down was all hand coded, but it was for a school project and therefore was kind of ugly so that it could meet all the necessary requirements. Will I move this site off WordPress again someday? Perhaps, but WordPress is actually an excellent product (no, nobody is paying me to say that) so I might just keep it for the main portion of my site and leave the coding to other projects like my GPRA Gatherer or my Patient Refund Manager (both web-based projects for work). For now, I’ll let another wizard write the CSS and other code that magically renders this site.