A Rainy Mother’s Day in Saint A

Scott and I had planned to go up to Montreal this morning since we didn’t have the kids and we both somehow had the same day off (a rare treat). Sadly, though yesterday was gloriously sunny, today was dreary and damp. While we didn’t get to go to Montreal, we did get to spend the day together and actually got a lot of household work done that we just haven’t had time to get to. I’m actually glad it was rainy; it’s so nice to be able to get things done.

Not only am I grateful for the chance to spend a whole day at home with the man I love, I’m also extremely grateful for my mother (it’s Mother’s Day in the US today). It took my mother fifteen years to conceive me during which time she had to have operations and undergo several other fertility treatments not to mention lie flat on her back for the end of her pregnancy with me as I caused her to hemorrhage so badly at one point it could have ended both our lives. Despite the hardships, she kept going, even when her family doctor encouraged her to abort me to save herself. I’m grateful that she refused to listen and instead carried me to term; life is an incredible gift! I’m also grateful that Mom gave up her career to stay home with me and, four and a half years later, my baby sister Heather. She has sacrificed much over my thirty two years of life to ensure I wanted for nothing and could have the best possible chance at a good life. She’s helped me every step of the way and anything I have I owe to her (and Dad, of course). Today I am most grateful for my mother, a woman of incredible character, unshakable will, and the most wonderful, compassionate soul I’ve known. Thank you, Mom, for all you’ve done and continue to do to help me become the best person I can be.

Showing a Little Gratitude

We take too much for granted in life. Here in the US, we have so very much and yet we always seem to expect more. Not only is this hedonistic cycle untenable, it makes us miserable. Several studies have proven something our forebears knew all to well: you should be thankful for what you’ve got and you’ll be happier for it. I’m not sure if it’s the act of reflecting on how your needs are met instead of how they’re not that starts the serotonin pumping or just being present in the here and now long enough to realize that things are generally pretty amazing and that life is good, but I like the idea of acknowledging that I have a lot to be thankful for. For that reason, I’d like to start a gratitude journal here to celebrate just how wonderful life can be.

Today I am thankful that after all these years, I have someone to hold hands with and kiss at the movie theater. I’m also thankful for a partner who likes to go on walking adventures as much as me (though I think I’ll be even more thankful for that tomorrow). I guess I’m just really thankful I’ve got Scott in my life and that I was able to find my soulmate after so much searching. Not everyone gets the chance to know love, let alone find “the one”, and I count am grateful every day for this miraculous gift.