Tilting at Windmills (Again)

A long while ago, I tried to jump into Don Quixote as part of my quest to conquer great literature. It didn’t go well. I found the writing a bit scattered and had a hard time identifying with the characters. I probably didn’t devote enough time to the endeavor during my first attempt, but I’m happy to report I’m back at it and I’ve read (OK, in an audiobook) to Chapter 42! There are 129 chapters in total, but I’m finally really into and enjoy the story. Once I realized that books from this time (17th Century) were essentially the Game of Thrones of their day (meant to be episodic and enjoyed over time), I approached each chapter as an episode of a TV show and this reframing made things much more pallatable. It really is a great book! It talks about human nature in comical and interesting ways and is actually a pretty decent story once you’re used to the style. It makes sense it would take some time to bridge the great span of time and literary style, but I’m so glad I did. I look forward to my adventures with the would-be hero every time I get in the car. The crazy long daily commute is good for something!

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

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