Dumping Facebook

I’ve been leaning towards disconnecting from social media for awhile, especially after the Trump campaign. It seems that it has been transformed from the once novel and exciting platform it was in college to use to connect with friends and share experiences to a place full of divisive rhetoric, vitriol, ubiquitous advertising, and manicured information streams designed to make you purchase something or have strong emotional reactions. While there are still a lot of amazing features on the Facebook platform, the latest scandal with Cambridge Analytica where the data of billions of users was shared without their consent in ways that may have helped tilt the scales in the most recent presidential election allowing for the possibly least temperamentally suited man conceivable to take the country’s highest office is the final straw for me. I can’t knowingly be part of something that is having such a deleterious effect on the fabric of our society in the name of enriching its shareholders.

I know this won’t solve the problems of corporate greed, the growing income inequality, or any of the other woes that plague modern American and world society, but it is a step I can take in the right direction. It’s the little things, at the end of the day, that eventually lead to real change.

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