Grateful Respite

Today was so much better than I imagined. Lately I’ve felt like I was only just outrunning the boulder that was barreling down behind me, threatening to crush me. Be it financial, work, or personal problems, feeling overwhelmed has been my baseline as of late. I was dreading today when I got up for the sole reason that today was the day I would file my taxes for the first time with yet untaxed self-employment income. I was sure I would owe thousands. I had a great time with my family at the Made in Vermont show in Essex, a nice lunch break with Scott when we went to ReSource in Williston to check out the cheap records (I got like 20 for $11), a wonderful time discovering Speaking Volumes on Pine Street where an Austrian gentleman runs a vinyl shop with a remarkably good selection of music and the drink at Zero Gravity afterwards. I was thoroughly relieved when Scott’s flank pain didn’t turn into a kidney stone. But when I got home and fed the dog, it was time to snap back to reality and face the music. I fired up my laptop, logged into HR Block’s website, and started doing my taxes.

To my incredible relief, there was no need to dread the process. With zero exemptions, my regular employment ended up over witholding so my untaxed self-employment income just wiped out what would have been a decent refund! In fact, I’ll even get $2 back from the Feds! Sure, it’s barely enough to buy an unsweetened tea at McDonald’s, but that will be the sweetest drink I’ll have had in a long time since it won’t be accompanied with huge tax payments. I woke up expecting the worst and ended up having one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Thank you, Universe. I really needed this.

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