Live Fat & Die Young vs. Live Slowly and Enjoy the Longer Ride

A great piece of advice in the book I’m reading (see here) is that when restricting what we consume (or do) for that matter, we can feel deprived of things we love, but that part of the mind is good at hiding the deprivation caused by giving in to temptation. I’d never really thought about it, but you’re deprived either way when you’re dieting, but you’re deprived of much worse than a piece of cake or potato chips when you actually give in and eat them. You’re deprived of so many better things in life! Here’s a list of things I can think of that eating poorly and staying fat is depriving me of every time I do it:

  • A body I feel comfortable in
  • Going out in public without feeling judged for my weight
  • Traveling to France/Europe without feeling like a humanoid walrus
  • Not worrying about limitations when horseback riding or going to amusement parks
  • Wearing clothes that make me feel attractive and fashionable
  • Being physically comfortable and free of the aches and pains brought on by inflammation and obesity
  • Additional energy throughout the day
  • Mental clarity and peak cognitive performance

I think the world has gotten too soft, at least in America. Only a generation or two ago people didn’t expect to constantly be happy, to follow their bliss at every moment, and to always be perfectly comfortable. My grandparents and ancestors before them had realistic expectations that life wasn’t always pain free or comfortable and the resolve to persist through the hard times to get what they wanted. They knew contentment, but weren’t worried about being constantly happy because that’s only a foolish child’s notion of reality. Life is painful sometimes, but that pain is a necessary part of living the life we want. I’m from New England; I know what it’s like to deal with difficult conditions to survive. If I can make it through the winters here and find ways to enjoy them, I can make it through the discomfort of not always giving into my every whim when it comes to food by keeping an eye on the long game. Like I know spring will come again, I can also remember that what I truly deprive myself of by giving into every food temptation is worth enduring a little discomfort for in the short-term. When the spring does come, imagine just how glorious it will be. Better yet, when it comes to food, the winter need never come again.

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