Food Plan for the 21st Century

My food plan is actually working really well, but I think in the interests of making intermittent fasting actually work properly–eating in a short span of hours while still getting the right nutrients in a world where there’s never enough time for food prep– I need to make one small edit to allow Huel (a complete meal replacement formula made of organic oats, no artificial sweeteners, etc.). It’s mostly all natural, but it’s definitely not something my great-great grandmother would recognize as food. Adding an exception for that should make this plan very doable.

Food Plan to Enprison the Pig v2.1

  • Consume calories for only 4 hours each day (which hours is unimportant, though during the daylight is preferable) which I’ll measure using the Zero app on my phone. Tasting tiny bits of food for seasoning while cooking is permissible outside this window.
  • Eat only foods that Great Grammy Chaplin’s mother would have been able to prepare in her kitchen back in the 1920’s (if she had access to ingredients anywhere in the world) with the exception of Huel Powder
  • Consume 66% or more plant-based products
  • Consume at least 1 cup of leafy greens every day
  • Never eat high fructose corn syrup
  • Never eat store-bought foods with any type of sugar in the first three ingredients
  • Drink at least 64 oz (half a gallon) of water each day

I started reading another book by the author of Never Binge Again called An End to Nighttime Overeating which is very similar to his first book but with additional tips on avoiding nighttime eating: my greatest weakness when it comes to unhealthy eating. Some of the chapters are basically a verbatim copy of the first book with “The Pig” replaced by a more fleshed out villain named “Pigula” which I like better as a metaphor as it does feel like the insane “lizard brain” circuitry run amok that it refers to is a dark parasitic force of the night. I will say that while it might be a little nuts to shout, “SHUT UP, PIG!!” at a craving that comes out of nowhere, but it’s actually a very effective technique. I’ll trap this soul-sucking nocturnal swine demon for good and be happier for it. I’ve done it before, now I’ll do it for good.

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