An Encouraging Binge

This weekend was pretty challenging where sticking to my food plan was concerned: eating in an 8 hour window at Mom & Dad’s is tricky with all the dietary requirements of everyone up there. I figured I’d tweak my food plan to say the intermittent fasting was optional up there; in this case, spending time with everyone while I can is more important than sticking to the feeding window. If I stick to the other food rules, the worst thing that’s likely to happen is not losing weight those days.

I also had a sort of weird binge last night. I got back to Massachusetts around 5PM after spending Friday evening to Sunday afternoon in Vermont trying to help Mom by cooking and doing some cleaning, and I was tired. The work in Vermont is one thing, but given it came after a crazy week at work to be followed immediately by another week at work, I knew the only time I’d have to myself was yesterday evening. I wanted to spend the time finally watching Terminator: Dark Fate with Scott and, of course, I wanted to have movie snacks even though it was time to stop eating. I’d already eaten outside the window, so I figured, “what the Hell?” Pig attack!

What was weird was that I felt like I was in control and sort of just going through the motions of bingeing, not deriving any joy from it. It was oddly encouraging actually; I ate a lot less food than I normally would on a late night binge, and sort of got bored with it quickly. It was an instructive experience showing me that I really can control this and can say, “No, Pigula! Back to the shadows with you!” I even setup my new Fitbit Aria 2 wifi enabled scale last night, so I wasn’t too far off track really.

I think to balance weight loss without feeling like I’m going to die, I’m going to set my feeding window to the happy medium of six hours of eating per day instead of four or eight. I’m losing weight and feeling better and actually want to keep going! How exciting is that?! I’m going to keep journaling, weighing myself, and I’ll obtain my goals before I know it! I can’t wait to take my next vacation a thinner version of myself! 😄

Food Plan for Dealing with Cancer Patients

  • Consume calories for a maximum of 6 hours each day ending at or before 7PM (which hours is unimportant, though during the daylight is preferable) which I’ll measure using the Zero app on my phone. Tasting tiny bits of food for seasoning while cooking is permissible outside this window. This rule is suspended when at Mom & Dad’s helping care for a cancer patient.
  • Consume all solid food on a dining surface (e.g. kitchen or dining table, breakfast bar, etc.)
  • Eat only foods that Great Grammy Chaplin’s mother would have been able to prepare in her kitchen back in the 1920’s (if she had access to ingredients anywhere in the world) with the exception of Huel Powder
  • Consume 66% or more plant-based products
  • Consume at least 1 cup of leafy greens every day
  • Never eat high fructose corn syrup
  • Never eat store-bought foods with any type of sugar in the first three ingredients (except for jam, chocolate chips, or other ingredients that are definitionally sugar and another ingredient).
  • Drink at least 64 oz (half a gallon) of water each day


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