Fasting is Key

The last few days have been good for eating and for life in general. I’ve been sticking to the 18/6 intermittent fasting (the right balance for me, at least for now) when I’m not at Mom & Dad’s helping with Ed, and it’s making me feel much better. The food plan is actually really good, but I’m adding a tiny tweak to account for the reality that sometimes I go over the feeding window slightly when trying to work around the unpredictable schedule of Scott and the kids. As what’s important with intermittent fasting is really the length of the fast more than the feeding window, I’m emphasizing that it’s most important is that daily feeding windows are interposed by eighteen hour fasts which means if one feeding window goes a little longer, it just means I start eating later the next day to compensate.

Food Plan with Emphasis on Intermittent Fasting

  • Consume calories during a 6 hour feeding window each day ending at or before 7PM (which hours is unimportant, though during the daylight is preferable) which I’ll measure using the Zero app on my phone. Daily feeding windows must come after an 18 hour fast; this will compensate if timing is slightly off with the feeding window. Tasting tiny bits of food for seasoning while cooking is permissible outside this window. This rule is suspended when at Mom & Dad’s helping care for a cancer patient.
  • Consume all solid food on a dining surface (e.g. kitchen or dining table, breakfast bar, etc.)
  • Eat only foods that Great Grammy Chaplin would have been able to prepare in her kitchen back in the 1920’s (if she had access to ingredients anywhere in the world) with the exception of Huel Powder (vegan meal replacement).
  • Consume 66% or more plant-based products
  • Consume at least 1 cup of leafy greens every day
  • Never eat high fructose corn syrup
  • Never eat store-bought foods with any type of sugar in the first three ingredients. In the case of jam, chocolate chips, or other ingredients that are composed of sugar and another ingredient by definition, these should be kept to no more than two servings each day.
  • Drink at least 64 oz (half a gallon) of water each day

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