Major Distractions

Warning! Visiting these sites may lead to the loss of many hours of time and all hope of a productive day!

  • YouTube-Once you start subscribing to channels that interest you, YouTube beats TV hands down!
  • Twitter-News of the world and friends
  • Facebook-Not as exciting as it used to be, but at least it helps me remember people’s birthdays!
  • Netflix-A huge array of entertainment with a recommendations algorithm that is uncannily good at suggesting the next show to keep you glued to the couch
  • Hulu-OK, it’s annoying to pay for a service and still get ads, but they do offer some shows you can’t see anywhere else
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video-If you don’t have a Prime membership, get it now. It’s fantastic!

News I Read

  • The New York Times-An excellent traditional news source
  • Digg– Social news!
  • Twitter-News from all over the world brought to you succinctly and instantaneously
  • Reddit-An ugly website with some excellent articles (I mainly focus on the technology section).

Sites that Make Life Easier

  • LifeHacker-Some of the best productivity tips for the modern age ever!
  • Wikipedia-A good place to start for general knowledge. Consider a monthly donation to keep this excellent resource alive!

Vegans Need Web Resources Too!

Linux Rules!

  • Crunchbang– A fantastic lightweight distro of Linux that has breathed considerable life into my old French netbook
  • Linux Mint– My favorite distro for my main computer

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